Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Very Simple Top

simple shirt 2

When I made the Back to School Top for Momma I also made an even simpler top. I photographed it too. And then the pictures just sat on my computer waiting for me to share them with you. So here we are, two months later! The fabric was originally used for a ruched maternity maxi dress but I thought it was too cute to not use again. So I cut up the dress.


I used my FAVORITE shell pattern—I seriously go to this one any time I need to make a top easily without wanting to deal with self-drafting. I also used it for THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS, and THIS top.

simple shirt 4

My goal this time was to actually follow the pattern. And I did, for option F, for the most part. I cut exactly as directed and gathered at the neckline. But instead of making a bias tape/trim for the neckline and arm holes, I just folded it over and used a double needle. It was a very simple top and makes for a great shell to wear under a cardigan.

simple top

I had fun pairing it with a tan cardigan, white mini bubble necklace and red flats. This reminds me how much I like it and that I should wear it again…

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