Saturday, January 4, 2014

Catching Up and Looking Forward

Hello there! It’s been a while. I do think of you often though. I can’t tell you how many blog posts I write in my mind and then just don’t get to putting on the computer. How about we catch up a bit?


We had a great fall that included making Peter Pan and Tinkerbell costumes for my kids. They were seriously too cute. I ran in the Color Vibe 5K with some friends. I started the Couch to 5K program at the beginning of the summer and was hooked. We traveled to Fort Collins, CO for Thanksgiving with my family since my parents moved there and my brother and his family to Denver over the summer.


I participated in a couple of Christmas Bazaars. I’m so thankful that I can sell the things I make—it helped pay for Christmas for our family.


I added some new items to my shop including Christmas Tree Garlands (I’ll be making heart ones soon for Valentines Day!), Boot Cuffs (more colors being added today!), Head Wraps and various Christmas banners. For the past few years I’ve primarily sold jersey knit infinity scarves in my shop. While they were pretty successful I realized last year that I was bored with it and no longer enjoying that project. While they took very little labor to make, the material costs was relatively high, so if something I didn’t sell well it took a little longer to make my costs back. I’m enjoying the creative challenge of coming up with new ideas and rethinking the focus of my shop. The new slogan is Ruffles ‘n Such: Life Accessorized. So as long as something fits into the accessory category—whether for your home or yourself—it fits. It’s a bit like starting over, though, since I had the shop in vacation mode for so long and now don’t have many reviews for the kinds of products I have listed now. I’m enjoying myself though.


I also spoke at my first women’s retreat. The theme of my three sessions was “Chosen and Dearly Loved” all about how great God’s love for us is and how it can be reflected in our lives. I loved the experience and hope to have more speaking opportunities in the future. You can check out my devotional blog HERE. Once I had all the message all set it was pretty fun to go through my closet with the Pinterest app in hand and come up with some outfits. I just may have sent several friends 6 outfit options to help me choose from.


I enjoyed decorating my home for Christmas and meant to take good picture to share here, but all I ever got was with my phone. I love how pretty everything looks at Christmas time!


We had a lot of fun and a lot of tears throughout the season.


And our Christmas was nice and sweet. It was just the four of us for Christmas Eve service at our church and a quiet Christmas morning at home followed by my parents flying in that afternoon.


At the beginning of November my poor sewing machine decided I had used it more than it was ever built for and died on me. Nolan got it working again, but it only took a few more minutes of sewing on it before it gave up once more. I was able to borrow my brother’s machine to get me though the season and knew I could use Christmas money for a new one. Two days after Christmas I was so excited to find an amazing deal on a Bernina on Craigslist thanks to an older lady who had upgraded to a new one and just wanted to see this go to a home where it would be loved. This Activa 140 is my newest baby and I am in love. She’s a hefty beast, though, so we knew she needed a permanent home rather than going back and forth between a shelf and the dining room table.


Back when my craft room became Reese’s nursery, we had plans to turn the half walk in closet in our room into a craft closet for me (we also have a full walk in that Nolan and I now share). I cleaned out all my supplies, sorted them out and put them into the closet with hopes to transform it soon after finishing the nursery. Well, it’s been over a year and a half and the closet has just become more and more of a disaster. As you can see in the picture above it was a MESS. I kept my machines and regularly used supplies in our dining room and the table was regularly a mess of craftiness. I think a lack of permanent space for creating was a major factor in my lack of blogable projects this past year or so. It’s a lot harder to pick up a project when it means setting up, doing the project, and then cleaning up to continue normal life.

I spent two days leading up to New Years Eve pulling everything out of the closet, sorting, throwing away and formulating a plan. We rang in the New Year with Nolan installing a power outlet in the closet (so exciting!), and then Nolan spent all of New Years Day transforming my space. I’ll share more details later, but he created a built in desk/counter and installed shelves both above and below it. 


It’s beautiful! I got 3/4 of my things put away that night (I have SO.MUCH.STUFF), but woke up sick the next morning and haven’t been able to finish since. Hopefully this afternoon I’ll be able to get a little more done and then take pictures tomorrow.

So now that we’re all caught up, let’s look forward. I’ve seen so many people sharing their word for the new year. I think I’m going to adopt 2 words. Follow through. I feel like I’m a great dreamer who can majorly lack follow through. Whether it’s responding to comments and emails for the blog, finishing a sewing project, writing up the devotional posts I have notes upon notes for or even cleaning my house—I just don’t seem to finish what I start. So I’m hoping to get better at that. Hopefully that means you’ll see a lot more of me on here.

Soon after my sewing machine died my laptop did too. My power cord was tripped on by the kids (and me too) a few too many times and finally where the power jack attaches to the motherboard cracked and the repair would cost almost the same as a new laptop. So now that I have the sewing machine replaced I’m trying to fund a new computer. I have some sponsor money coming in through the blog, will hopefully sell more in my shop (feel free to stop by!) and will hopefully be doing more sponsored posts on here soon. I usually only agree to posts that fit very tight criteria, but right now I need a new computer to keep things running (although I am very thankful for the use of my husband’s in the mean time. But sharing can be difficult when there are only so many kid free hours in the day). As soon as I have a new laptop funded, I’ll go back to being picky.

Thanks for stopping by and catching up with me! I hope you had a wonderful past few months! Now I’ve gotta go mail an order for little girl valentine leggings and get back to my craft closet!


  1. Wow, what a busy few months. Your craft closet looks exciting.

    1. Thanks Debra! I'm so excited to get it finished up!

  2. You have been very busy! I wish I had a closet that size to make mine... My desk is currently in a bifold door type closet that I can't get to... because it is supposed to become a playroom/guest room but currently is the dump all room. I hope you have success in saving up for a new computer!

    1. Sounds exactly like what my craft room was before it became the nursery. And then my craft closet. Here's hoping it doesn't become a dumping ground now. Although, where will I put things now when we do the mad dash house cleaning?

  3. I guess you won't be upset when Nolan tells you to spend the afternoon in your closet:-) You're a very lucky girl: beautiful kiddos and a husband that is crazy in love with you. Happy new year!

    1. Ha! When people ask what I do for fun I can just tell them I hang out in my closet :)

  4. Yay for a permanent crafting spot! Your Christmas looks lovely. =)


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