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My Favorite Things: Craft Tools Edition

I find it somewhat comical that I last posted a month ago and said I was going to get back on top of blogging and then proceeded to be silent on here. But now as I’m in my third round of the flu since the new year, I’m hoping we’re heading into a healthy season. And despite the lack of what you’ve seen here on the blog, there has been a WHOLE LOT of crafting and creating and sewing going on in my house. If you follow me on Instagram (HERE) you’ll see I kind of mini-blog about all the projects I’m working on as well as day to day life around my house.


Favorite Things: Crafting Tools @ Made it on Monday
Orders all packaged up and ready to mail out. Zipper Pouches (will be listed soon!), Polkadot Hair Bows, 3 Heart Crochet Headband, Wire Hearts, Heart Garlands, Heart Clip Valentines, Boot Cuffs.


And as I’ve been working like a madwoman on projects for an upcoming Valentines Bazaar (that is now postponed until after Valentines Day due to snow…) and my shop, I keep thinking about my favorite crafting tools and that maybe you’d like to know about some of them. These are the in-addition-to-the-obvious tools. Clearly, I love my sewing machine, hot glue gun, and a great pair of scissors. But there are other items I find myself reaching for over and over again and utilizing like crazy yet they rarely seem to get talked about.


Favorite Things: Crafting Tools @ Made it on Monday


Back in December I was sent a pair of Skil Ratch-n-Lock Pliers. They’re an impressive all in one tool—you can use them like regular pliers, or as a clamp to hold things together, or as a ratcheting tool for tightening bolts. They’re great for complex projects or even something as simple as opening a stuck tube of E6000 glue (anyone else have huge problems with this?). We were so impressed by them that we had to give a pair to my father in law for Christmas. He’s quite the handy man and gifted wood worker who has a large shop full of tools. They’re like the perfect gift for the guy (or gal) who already has everything. It’s nice because they’re affordable too and you can get them HERE from Home Depot.


Favorite Things: Crafting Tools @ Made it on Monday


My mom gave me a Sizzix Big Shot for Christmas several years ago. I didn’t start actively using it until a few months ago though. With all the excitement of Cricut and Silhouette you wouldn’t think this would be as useful of a tool anymore. But I love using it to cut fabric and felt. It’s great for paper too when you don’t want to deal with your computer and cords and all that hassle. I use it to cut out the hearts for my Heart Garlands and my Polka Dot Bows. While you do have to buy the individual dies for cutting, you can get so much use out of them. Brand new, one of these at Joann’s is on sale for about $90, but you can find the older models (like mine) on Ebay for a lot cheaper.


Favorite Things: Crafting Tools @ Made it on Monday


Shortly after we complete constructing my craft closet (I need to share it with you still!) I realized that I would love to have a measuring guide on the desk in there. When I had my sewing machine set up at the dining room table I’d rest it on my cutting mat and liked having a ruler to do quick measurements on while making my garlands. I thought it would be really cool to find an adhesive measuring tape that could be stuck to my desk. It took a little searching but I found exactly what I wanted on ebay. For under $5 (including shipping) it was perfect and beyond affordable. I LOVE it! You can find it HERE.


Favorite Things: Crafting Tools @ Made it on Monday


My other favorite craft closet feature is an Over the Door Ironing Board. I have it hanging on the inside of the door so while I’m working I can lower and utilize it, but when I’m not in crafting mode and the door is shut you don’t see it. I love not having to pull out a full ironing board. My poor husband has to do it himself if he wants his clothes ironed and has also enjoyed the ease of pulling this out. It also makes a great work surface for me at the perfect height. I bought mine at Walmart for just over $20. You can find it online HERE.


Favorite Things: Crafting Tools @ Made it on Monday


And finally another favorite was a Christmas gift to me from Nolan. It’s just a simple crochet hook case, but after a few years of having crochet hooks in several different places in the house and having to buy new ones because the one I need is missing, I love having them kept in once place. Unfortunately, Reese loves the thing too so I have to keep it out of sight from her or else she yanks the hooks so hard the straps to hold them break. You can find the one I have HERE but there are all sorts available in your local craft store.

How about you? What are your favorite go-to tools that don’t get talked about much?


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***I was sent a pair of Skil Ratch-n-Lock pliers for review but was not compensated monetarily for my review. The opinions expressed here are all my own. The rest of the businesses/companies listed here have no idea I’m sharing their products.***


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  1. E-6000 always gets stuck on me too! And yes, I have a pair of pliers in my sewing kit to help get the cap back off. =) That, and they help pull the needle through really stiff fabrics. Those ratcheting and locking pliers look pretty useful though
    I like the adhesive measuring guide, that would be handy.


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