Monday, June 2, 2014

First Monday

Good morning and happy Monday! Today is going to be a little check-in style. We’ve had a busy weekend around our house. Nolan was gone at Manfest—our church’s men’s retreat. So that means the kids and I spent as many hours away from the house as possible and then I stayed up as late as possible after putting them to bed. And that means I’m tired. So as I sit here in my bed with episode after episode of The Good Wife playing through Hulu Plus (we ran out of shows on Netflix so we had to move to Hulu…), and dreaming of the cup of coffee I’ll drink in the morning, I thought I’d share some little glimpses into my life.

On My Heart
Jace and I have been in a season of battling. He is very four with a mind, whit, and logic that is growing faster than this momma is ready to keep up with. I find that we argue hypothetical situations all.the.time. “Mommy, when Carley comes over what if she wants to watch The Little Mermaid and we don’t have that movie. Then she’ll be sad and she’s going to get mad at me and we won’t have any fun…” “I can’t take my plate to the sink because my legs are really tired, and what if while I’m walking to the sink I fall and hurt my leg and then my knee will be cracked and then I won’t be able to walk ever again…” He can think of every possible negative scenario, and helping him filter through reality and all the hypothetical situations he can think of gets exhausting. Over and over again I repeat, “Jace, pause. Trust me.”

I was mentioning this at my weekly Bible study a few weeks ago and a friend made the comment that what Jace does to me is exactly what we do to God. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve worried circles around situations and every possible outcome. I’ve analyzed conversations to to the point of not sleeping because I’m worried I did something wrong in a friendship. And you wouldn’t believe what a morbid person I have become since having kids—I have envisioned so many possible ways for them to die, how I would react to it, and then become fearful any time I’m remotely close to those kinds of situations. How often must God help me filter through reality and my imagination? In Matthew 6:25-34 Jesus talks about us worrying about whether or not we will be taken care of. He ends the passage saying, “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” I’m sure this is one of the first Bible verses I memorized in Sunday school. But it seems so much easier to quote than internalize. As I’m taking today’s troubles and multiplying them and worrying about every possible future, I’m being just like my hyper-imaginative four year old. And I can hear God softly speaking to my heart, “Jill, pause. Trust Me.”

On My Phone
made it on monday
Last week we took the kids to a park by the river in our town and ended our evening skipping rocks. Jace thought it was the BEST THING EVER. Now, every time we cross the bridge over that river, he excitedly shouts, “That’s where we throw rocks!!!” and asks again and again when we can do it again. My heart is so ready for this summer and hoping it’s filled with evenings like that one.

I have been a devoted T-Mobile customer since I got my first cell phone in 2000. But lately the reception in our area has been getting worse, and half the time calls didn’t come through because I didn’t have service at my house. This week we joined my parents’ family plan through AT&T and it was such a beautiful sight when I had 3 bars in my typical “No Service” spot in my living room. It’s the little things.


And an even more beautiful screen shot of my phone… I type in my zip code in the Hobby Lobby store locator on their app and this appears. The first Hobby Lobby in Oregon is opening in my town. This week. Nolan first told me of them coming a couple of years ago when plans were submitted to the city. Now the construction is finished, the shelves are in and employees are being trained (I know these things. I’ve been spying). I think I’ll still be pretty loyal to Joann’s for a lot of my needs, but I am nearly giddy with excitement over this new store.

In the Shop
Things are a little patriotic in the shop these days…

It really is unfair to the other shops that I have such a cute model. We had a rare, happy photo shoot and she was pretty proud to wear the three star headband.

burlap and stars red white blue bunting garland pennants

Have you seen Joann’s new vinyl backed burlap? I LOVED using it to make this three star banner/bunting.

patriotic star garland red white blue silver polka dot

And after having success with my fabric Christmas Tree and Hearts garlands, I thought stars would be fun for the 4th. This garland is made up of 9 fabric stars.

Other holiday items can be found HERE or you could check out the whole shop HERE.


  1. Forrest is giving me a run for my money right now, too. He wants to argue with me over EVERYTHING and it is making me nuts. Glad to know I'm not the only one struggling with this right now. And I loved reading your thoughts about it--so insightful.

  2. I so know how you feel on the four year old scenarios! Mine has been doing a combination of hypothetical stories and 'why?' It's difficult.... and I must learn to trust God as well.
    How fun for you to get a new Hobby Lobby! It's a great place for most craft supplies, even if their fabric section is quite small, and I love that they play Christian music in their stores. =)


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