about me

After receiving a Bachelors in English Communications from Corban University in 2004, I went on to work on staff at Morning Star Community Church in Salem, Oregon for 8 years, 6 of those acting as the Children’s Ministries Director. My passion for ministry wasn’t just focused toward the children—I also loved my opportunities to speak to adults through countless times as a guest speaker at Corban and then presenting two sessions at Willow Creek Association’s Children’s Ministries Conference in Chicago.

After transitioning to part time work and full time mommy-ing in 2010, I began this blog as a creative outlet and opportunity for community with other crafty ladies. I loved the process of seeing something inspirational, having pictures roll around in my head until I could visualize how to do it, and then making it happen. I also became an Etsy shop owner and began selling accessories for life at Ruffles n Such.

At the end of 2011 I made the career change to full time stay at home mom. Then, with the addition of my daughter, I found myself with less time to craft, as well as less of a need for new items in my house. Not to mention a lack of crafting space. During that season of inactivity on this blog, God began developing in me a great love for women and a desire to see them understand just how passionately He loves them and how that truth translates to their every day living. A long time dream of being a speaker was realized through a women's retreat and a few women's events at different churches. I loved using my open-book style of living to help ladies grow in their faith.

I'm in a growing season of learning to balance my passions and responsibilities--clearing away the excess, evaluating my priorities, pursing dreams, and ultimately wanting to be an open and obedient steward of what God has given me. This blog is the outpouring of that journey--a mix of creative, heart, conviction and every day moments.

But all of these "resume items" pair down to the most important aspects of my life: I am a follower of Jesus, wife to Nolan, and mother to Jace (4) and Reese (1).