why i blog

Until December of 2011, I was a part time working mom of a toddler and found myself very busy. But in the midst of such a scheduled life, I needed time to create in order to stay sane. 

A few months after returning to work from maternity leave, I found myself feeling very overwhelmed by my life. With the same job title, I transitioned from being full time to only working 15 hours per week. While my responsibilities as the Children's Ministries Director at a large church in Salem, Oregon had been shifted so my team bore most of the weight, I was struggling to find balance at work. My house was a mess around me, but I couldn't get off the couch to clean it. My child was absolutely precious and truly a happy baby, and my husband was adoring, supporting and sweet. But still, I felt ready to snap at any moment.

Craft blogs captured my attention during the hours spent nursing Jace. I loved to pour through all the link up parties and see what everyone else was making. After seeing the CSI Project's upcoming Red, White and Blue challenge, I decided to participate. And, of course, I needed a blog in order to enter, so Made it on Monday was born. Mondays and Fridays were my days off, so most my projects had to be made on Mondays. Not to mention, I have a short attention span so unless a project could be made in one day, it was unlikely that I'd ever finish it. 

I felt happier on the days I crafted. I was more patient with Nolan and Jace if I'd had some time with my glue gun. And I can't even begin to describe the joy I found in reuniting with my sewing machine. One day I ended up spending the afternoon at work (I usually only worked 3 mornings per week). What should have only been a 15 minute task turned into a few hours of helping with other projects. I realized how much I missed the quick decision making and the creative challenges that filled my day to day life when I worked full time. 

Crafting has allowed that part of me to stay alive.

This blog has been so much fun for me. I still love pouring over other people's blogs and can't even tell you how many projects I have bookmarked and pinned. I love the process of seeing something inspirational, having pictures roll around in my head until I can visualize how to do it, and then making it happen. Not to mention the fact that the writer in me (I have a bachelor's degree in English Communications) loves to express itself through story telling. This blog has been my sanity. And now, as I'm entering the life of a stay-at-home mom, I am thrilled at the opportunity to invest more time in this creative side of my life. I love blogging!

I hope you enjoy what you see and can find some inspiration from what I do.